A Little More About Marvine

Marvine Bamba is an effective Software Developer with immense potential. Born in Congo DRC, where he held his junior high school ( Grade 12 ) certificate in Electronic Telecommunication. He has always been fascinated on how technology can change the world and how the combination of Electronic & programmation can produce beautiful and magical result.

Marvine is currently living in South Africa, where he held his Bachelor Degree from University of Johannesburg.

So far, he has worked for three different companies as Web and Software Developer, now he is working as Junior Web Developer and full stack Javascript Developer at Media24

In this website, you will see some of marvine bamba's potential skills, portfolios and work that he has done so far.

  • At Media 24
  • Empire State
  • At Media 24
  • At the Digital Academy
  • At Vaal University of Technology
  • At Media 24
  • At Media 24
  • At East London
  • At Empire State

My Awesome Skills

As a Junior Software Developer with 2 years of experience,
I have acquired the following skills

Front End Development - UI design & UX design

Focusing on Interaction Web Design while building a Website, I have always looked for ways on how to make the interaction between the user and system more effective and efficient. CSS libraries such as Material Design, AngularMaterial and Bootstrap are one of my favorite components when developing a UI design

Back-End Development & Databases Development

Back-End development & Databases development have been my primary skills and focus since my tertiary education. Focusing on Front-End Development is very important when it comes to user experience and the joy while using the system, but as long it does not have a strong and great logical Back-End part, it will be as stupid as a scatterbrained person

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My Technical Skills












Twitter Bootstrap

Materialized Css

Ionic Framework

Cordova Framework

React Native

My Portfolio

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